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The journey of this lifetime

I am an extremely curious and inquisitive seeker. Story telling has been a passion of mine and i am constantly looking for inspiration, specifically from my travels ; observing people, lives, cultures and movement around me.  The aim is to convey a different perspective from the lives that people are used to living and interacting with on a daily basis. 


If you are willing to take a dive with me into the weird and wonderful, the imaginative and inspirational, the thought provoking and information-filled world, then this site is for you.  Join me as i lament and wax as lyrically as i can about being and living life as a Shaman in the City.  You can look forward to topics as wide and varied as book reviews, psychology, nature, animals, healing, crystals, travel, culture, food, shamanism and much much more in my blog Shaman And The City, to be published soon.

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