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March Super Moon

March 20th into 21st brings us the last of the three Super Moons for the year.  The full moon enters into the sign of Libra and is also the Spring Equinox.

Spring is about transformation and the sign of Libra is about balance, feminine power, diplomacy, luxury and beauty. 

So what does this Super Moon bring ?

It is the end of a cycle in your lives and the beginning of transformation.  Take the opportunity to release everything that does not serve you and step into the warmth and beauty of transformation.  Feel yourself shift and change for the better.  Feel yourself embraced by beauty and seek the balance in your life that you have been looking for.

Nothing will be hidden this full moon, this is a completion of the revelation of all the truths for you, in order for you to live the best life that you can live.  You will continue to see the hideen truths behind peoples’ thoughts, actions and behaviours.  You will continue to experience your own truths surface to uncomfortable levels.  All of this is good, for these truths will help to reveal your true purpose for being.  You can choose to follow this or not, either way, know that the balance of the scales of justice that is the sign of libra will ensure that you are always taken care off


What to do on the 20th?

On the night of the 20th, when you sight the moon high (or low) in the sky, light your candle and set the course to manifest your dreams for the new year, and no it’s not too late.  As full moons are to release, these super full moons are charged with manifestation energy.  To add to this, there is double the power with the onset of the equinox.


To prepare:

1. 1 candle (any colour)

2. A diary, board or paper to write your wishes (something that will last the rest of the year), or if you followed last month’s letter you would already have your manifestation sheet.

3. A favourite coloured pen / pens

4. A crystal that you love, provides you comfort



As soon as you sight the moon, in the light of the moon or indoors (if its raining or too cold), write down all you wish for yourself this year, or if you already have this you can add items or remove items that have come to pass.  No sentences necessary and no need to specify the Hows, just the Whats.  For example:

Romantic Love, Passion, Adventurous Travel, Daily Exercise, Good Health, Healthy Lungs, Healthy Digestive system ……………………. You get the gist.

Once you are satisfied with your list, board or however you decide to do this (be as creative as you want, you can even draw pictures), then hold your crystal in your receiving hand (your non-dominant hand) and light your candle with your dominant hand, saying the following:

“In the light of this full moon, I graciously and sincerely invite into my life the following…….” And proceed to read off your list.

Once you have completed the reading, Thank the universe three times, ending with “So it IS”.  Place your list by the candle (not too close that it could burn) and leave your candle to burn to the end.

In the morning, check your candle, and see how much wax still remains. If your candle has burnt through, you are good.  If you have remaining wax, then continue the same practice the night after the full moon.

You can continue to use your same list for every month’s manifestation ceremony and you can keep adding to it. 

If an item has manifested, feel free to strike it out with a black inked marker.


Bright Super Full Moon and Spring Equinox Blessings to all of you.

Blessed Be Always

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