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Taurus energy is about loving, nurturing, strength, luxury, passion and hard work.  

As we enter into this energy from today April 21 till May 21, remember that as hard as you work, remember to play as hard.


This sign’s crystals are Emerald and Kunzite.  


With Kunzite, the message is to take care of yourself.  Kunzite reminds you that with everything going on around you, and the pull from everyone around you, that you still need to care for you first, not in a selfish way but in the way that if you don’t care for yourself, you will not be able to give off yourself to others and to your purpose and mission. 


Emerald, the stone of loving, nurturing, caring and compassion. Feel all these things for yourself, be compassionate and warm to yourself always and then to the outside.  With Emerald, this warmth and compassion you have for yourself will reflect to others.  


Combine your kunzite with an Emerald and watch your inner love and compassion radiate out into the world.  


In the Tarot, the Empress card is the Earth Mother, and is all about love and nurturing.  Emerald is also her crystal.  Feminine power with compassion and love is what her core themes are.


To all of you : Shine this season of the Taurus, of the Earth Goddess and mother, and take the time to nurture yourself.

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