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Who is the Shaman ?



When i first started writing this i wanted to reference some common definitions of The Shaman and scored books and the internet.  I was intrigued to find that none of the common descriptions resonated with me.  

Am I a big stick wielding crone who danced around a fire chanting in some obscure lost language ?

Am I a native indian who has to enter a state of trance to talk to spirits and benevolent beings on the other side ?

Am I a tree hugging, tarot card reading modern day mystic with connections to nature and the earth ?

I am all that and yet not.  I love dancing and i love fires, yet i am no chrone.  I think i talk to spirits and other beings who pass on information to me, yet i am not native indian.  I hug trees everyday of my life, i read tarot cards for myself and others and i feel a deep inner connectedness with earth and all its wonderous inhabitants, yet i do not associate myself with being a modern day mystic.  So, who am I ?  What am I ? 

I am a Shaman.


A Shaman is a person (surprise, surprise), no denomination necessary, who is deeply connected with and to, the universe and uses nature in all its resources to help, heal and guide earth's inhabitants. 

This help is in the form of hands on healing, sound healing, coaching, mentoring, teaching, counseling, ceremony.

Using tools and implements like crystals, cards, musical instruments, herbs, aromatherapy, paint, colour, and many many many more.  Every Shaman has their own way, their own tools they specialise in and their own style.  The ultimate goal is to assist to realise and recognise one's true purpose, guiding them to their mission and helping to set the world and universe in the right direction.  A part of the Shaman's goal is also to create a community, so that the work they do is passed on through teaching and mentoring.

Soothing Bell
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