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Colours                 :         Pale to deep smoky yellow with brownish and/or greenish hues 

How to cleanse       :        Does not need cleansing

Citrine is a clear quartz with ferric impurities.  Ferric refers to iron containing particles.  Natural citrine always has a cloudy or smokey appearance.  Most citrines are heat treated Amethyst or natural citrine.


Both types of Citrine contain strong energy and can be worked with in a variety of ways.  The difference between heat treated and natural is that the natural citrine’s vibrations are a little higher.  The heat treated citrines carry some of the energy of Amethyst (which is not a bad thing). 

Citrine has a light happy “sunshiny” energy.  It is not capable of holding negativity and in fact transmutes it (turns it around).  Citrine is your ultimate abundance and prosperity enhancer.  Citrine allows you to feel joy from your inner core, it helps you to understand that within you lies true happiness that you can spread into your community.

Natural Citrine has all these qualities.  When you meditate or journey with a natural citrine, it is easier to “fly” to your destination, landing there and dancing the night away.  Be careful though, that all this joy does not distract you from the purpose of your journey.

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