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Keywords : Cleanser, Truthseeker, Clarity, Focus

Colours     Blue, Green, Black, Orange

How to cleanse : Does not need cleansing

Natural Earthly Combinations :   

1. Kyanite on crystal matrix

2. Kyanite with fushite 

3. Kyanite with ruby

Chakras  : Throat, Crown, Auric Field


Cleanses your aura

Protects you from someone else trying to penetrate or harm your aura.

After cleansing your aura, the clarity of your aura will reflect to you internally, so over time (keeping it with you for a few days) you will start to realise a clarity of self, the realization of what is true to you and you will be able to see through others deception or untruthfulness.

With this clarity, then comes focus.  You will be able to focus on what you truly want to do, achieve or be, with the ability to clearly and effectively communicate your truth.

A GREAT stone to have during Shamanic journeying. 

Carry on you for a few days before your planned Journey, so that your aura continues to be cleansed, leading upto the clarity and focus for your journey.  This will also help you communicate clearly and cohesively what you saw during the journey.

Kyanite can be combined with the following stones to increase potency and clarity :

Selenite, Herkimer Diamond, Diamond, Clear Quartz, Lepidolite, Amethyst.

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